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Read the Deleted Message in What's App | How to Read the Deleted Messages in (WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber & Telegram) Easy Method

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Read the Deleted Message in What's App | 
How to Read the Deleted Messages in (WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber & Telegram) Easy Method 

A lot of times when we use our phones, we receive a notification of a message on a specific program or application that provides chat service, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, or Telegram, for example,

and when you click on this notification, we find that the message is not present and appears to us "This message has been deleted", and at that time we are maybe be curious or in other words, we wonder what was the content of the sent message that was deleted by the sender, and of course many people do not know how to read the message that was deleted by the sender.

This is the topic of this article, in this article we will learn together how to read messages that have been deleted after sent by the sender, not only in the What's App, but in all the applications we use to communicate to chat, such as the Viber application, the Telegram application, the Messenger application and any other applications,

And all of this by using a wonderful and very good application which is WAMR application, this application is so good application and we can say the least is that an excellent application because it provides very excellent service and works great,

through this application you can read any message that was deleted after sending in all communication applications not just WhatsApp, as I will explain below, and it is not limited to saving written messages only, but also audio files, pictures and videos .

1.    What is WAMR App and how to get it:-


WAMR program is a program that provides a very good service which you can as mentioned previously read any message or view any audio file, image, or even video after deleted by the sender,

After downloading the program from the link listed below and installing it on the phone, the program must be allowed with all the required permissions as shown in the picture below,

After allowing the program all the permissions, a long list appears for you included all the applications that are used in chat, so you choose the applications which you want WAMR application to save the messages, videos, pictures or audio files deleted from them, as shown in the picture below

After choosing the chat applications you want, the program interface will be as shown in the following picture

2.    How WAMR app works:-

The nature of the work of WAMR program is that it saves any files, messages, audio files, pictures or videos received by you through the chat applications that you use on your phone,

And when any message delete after sending, you will receive a notification from the application that something has been deleted by the sender after sending it as shown in the following picture, so that WAMR application works in the background of the phone, and one of the advantages of this application is that it does not consume a large amount of battery power,

By using this wonderful application, we can read or see anything, even if it was deleted by the sender. 

As you notice, I received a notification of the message was deleted by the sender, so WAMR application was sent a notification that there is a message was deleted as shown In the previous picture.

For a more detailed explanation, please watch the following video ,,,

To download WAMR app,

please click here

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