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How to Activate IDM for Lifetime for Free without serial number by so easy step || (100 % working)

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 Info 2U

Info 2U blog is an informational blog specialized in teaching every useful and new things (technology, included: Android applications - solutions to technical problems – the earn from the Internet - the world of applications for mobile phones - the world of software for computers - games - educational programs on YouTube) as well as topics (social - cultural Sports - news - entertainment - religious) and all of these in Arabic and English, so that the benefit to be for everyone, and we have many topics that have benefited the followers and we are still have a lot. 

Info 2U:

It works to provide detailed and professional explanations for the topics that related to field of technology, in order to reach a very advanced level by a simple and very short period.

It introduces specialized topics in the field of computers and smart phones beside the other topics.

It provides explanations and topics related to the field of Android, whether from applications, courses, or how to maintain your device.

It introduces topics about how to earn from the Internet, as a lot of people now depend very heavily on this field as a means of earning a living.

Info 2U

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Info 2U:

The technical world between your hands.

Info 2U:

It was established in 2020 in order to serve the visitors, and we are working hard to provide everything useful and new.

Info 2U:

With you and by your visit to us we rise and promote, and it increases us encouragement and determination to continue.

Info 2U:

We thank you for following us, and we always hope that we will meet your good expectations God willing, and we can help you to make the most of the information we obtain.

In case of any inquiry on any topic in the blog, any part that you cannot understand in the technical field please don’t hesitate to send me writing a comment to me or writing to me on the contact us page. 


Due to the blog's usage policies, the topic cannot be written in detail, but you can easily download the program and the activate file used in the explanation on YouTube video from the below link.


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